Nonprofit Tax Recovery Nonprofit organizations are losing money. 90% are paying taxes they do not owe on utility and phone bills. Ninety percent (90%) of non profit, tax- exempt organizations (hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, state and federal credit unions and government entities) are losing money by paying taxes they don't owe. This amounts to millions of dollars a year in wasted tax dollars. Your organization could very well be paying some of these taxes without realizing it. Most of the time, taxes on your utility and phone bills are not readily visible. They are hidden throughout the bill. These taxes are hard to identify by anyone other than a tax expert. The result is that, even though you are a nonprofit tax-exempt organization, you are likely paying taxes that you do not owe. Continuous Improvement Strategy UAC has a proven track record of over 20 years experience in tax recovery. Through established relationships with vendors and state and federal authorities across the country, the UAC continuous improvement strategy has helped thousands of nonprofit tax-exempt organizations reduce monthly costs and recover wasted tax dollars. Almost across the board, other services have a much broader approach, focusing on cost maximization and future savings. In contrast, UAC focuses specifically on tax issues and tax recovery with a flexible contingency based service offered on site or in-office.                 UAC will: o Stop taxes from appearing on future utility and phone bills. o File for refunds or credits of wasted tax dollars. o Follow up until all refunds or credits are received. o Generate a closing report for you, summarizing your recovery. Home