Redefining Coworking With Common Ground

The Common Ground Experience

Common Ground is a co-working space founded in March 2017. Common Ground is also a community for powered entrepreneurs. We provide four main products: a personal office rental, shared office rental, fixed desk, plus a virtual office. In 2019, Common Ground won Best Coworking Space Kota Damansara in the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards.

Some great things about working within a coworking space include the versatility and flexibility which it gives your task, but also the assembly of distancing earn a living from home. A coworking space can be more cost-effective. Coworking also lets you network with people doing many work.

An individual office at Common Ground provides you with the best of both worlds- the opportunities to system additionally, the private space to get work done. The workplace is completely yours- you have access to it 24/7 and it is lockable.We also give a appreciation 12 hours use for your meeting rooms, and there are reductions available for our events.

Common Ground

Having the capacity to greet prospects in a professional work space is important, which explains why renting a workplace is usually a great option for entrepreneurs just getting off the ground. Sharing work space with different corporations and people can even be good for networking, and you will even get new customers from this!

Common Ground offers a fixed desk to potential customers, which consists of 24/7 access in the area of your choice, as well as a professional company address and mail management providers. We particularly suggest this to smaller startups and teams, where you can advantage from an open work surroundings, yet conserve some personal privacy.

Constantly on the go with no time for a real office? Consider using Common Ground’s virtual office package! With the virtual office, you will get a small business address, mail management, and special marked down rates on desks and meeting places at any of our locations. We also give you your own personal business residential number throughout the Hello CG app!

Our space is available for a test run, just book your preferred time and place through our website. There are many choices for you to definitely explore, like the fixed desk and place of work rental choices, which come with their particular merits If you intend to get more information on coworking space Kota Damansara, head over to