Why Your Family Needs a Medical Card

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Why Your Family Needs a Medical Card.

Although getting a medical card in Malaysia has its benefits, you’ll be surprised at how many Malaysians are underinsured. When you and your family are not properly insured, you will experience a huge insurance protection gap, which is the difference between the resources you’ll need and the resources you have in the event of an unfortunate event.

However, besides narrowing the protection gap, getting a medical card has many other advantages for you and your family. Here are some reasons why you need to get a medical card:

Get emergency assistance when you are overseas.

The last thing you want to do while travelling overseas is to get sick or injured, but life is sometimes unpredictable. In an unfortunate event where you’re hurt in a foreign country, you’ll wish you had a medical card for emergency assistance and financial aid. Depending on your medical plan, you might even get your flight ticket expenses covered!

medical card malaysia - aig malaysia

Financial aid for hospitalisation and home nursing.

Other than getting help with treatment, insurance companies such as AIG also provides financial assistance for when you find yourself staying in a hospital or a nursing home. With a medical card, you can protect yourself from rising medical costs.

Receive alternative treatments.

For some medical cards, it’s possible to get reimbursed for alternative treatments such as chiropractic and acupuncture. If you think alternative treatments are better for your well-being, make sure to find a medical insurance policy that suits you!

Customisable coverages

Although it is good to be protected by a medical card, there’s also a possibility of being overinsured. The key is to find the pick a plan that fits your insurance needs. Fortunately, most medical insurance plans are customisable and provide you with the right amount of insurance.

Have peace of mind

Family is important, which is why it’s necessary to protect them by getting a medical card. Besides the benefits listed above, it gives you peace of mind knowing your family is protected. 

Contrary to popular belief, medical insurance can be affordable–if you know what plan to choose. Want to learn more? Visit https://www.aig.my/personal/accident-health/medical-insurance now!